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Why Partner with Us?

Backed with best-in-industry real estate strategists, we are more than just a team of consultants. We are experts in successfully starting and managing coworking businesses across India.

With your partnership, we help your clients grow their coworking business

Propoques has a collaborative business model that is focused on success and sustainability. This approach enables us and our partner community to increase the value we provide to our clients.

We partner, train, and assist our clients no matter what phase of the coworking business journey they are in. We help our clients start a coworking business, expand operations into a new location, improve their ROI, fully use their real estate, increase sales, and so on.

Supporting Your Clients’ Needs

  • Maximize returns on real estate investment
  • Initiate and expand their coworking business
  • Monetize under-utilized space
  • Drive revenue to an existing operation
  • Staff training and ongoing support assistance
  • Manage client risk and support growth

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