At Propques, we are looking for superheroes, a.k.a. talented individuals with experience in the co-culture space. To assist our clients’ with the toughest challenges, we need diverse thinkers with expertise in delivering upscale transformation projects. With a work culture of mentoring and support, you will find people here as invested in your career as you are.

Flexible work schedule

Choose your own remote work schedule, within reason, to achieve your work-life balance goals. So, no more wasting your precious hours in hour-long commutes!

Room to grow

Learning is built into every role here. You’ll get mentorship and take ownership.

You Matter

Innovation knows no hierarchy. Everyone here is heard, considered and respected for their ideas.

Make an Impact

The secret sauce to success is a good mix of hard work, preparation, and learning. We encourage our teams to these three ingredients to shape the future and leave a legacy.



We cross-train our employees, so they get an opportunity to pick a new skill. If you joined as a media person, it’s alright if you stay for a tech career.


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