About Us

We are witnessing a dramatic diversification of traditional corporate offices into coworking offices and flexible workspaces. While many entrepreneurs are venturing into coworking space business, we realized that many aren’t doing so successfully. We created, Propques, a coworking consultancy, that is specifically created to help such coworking operators, landlords, and property developers to meet their potential clients and convert them into customers.

Armed with in-depth industry knowledge and over 12 years of operational expertise, we made it our goal to help as many individuals as possible create their own footprint in the coworking space business.

At Propques, we assist with result-driven strategies and formulas that drive sales and fantastic ROI’s for individuals – no matter where they might be in their coworking space business. We analyze flexible workspace business models and real estate spaces, utilize known data, and apply the best practices. The result is a customized plan for the growth and sustainability of your shared workspace business.

Our Consulting Solutions:

  • Conduct R&D, floor plan review, strategic planning, provide ongoing support, etc. required to open a coworking space
  • Help landlords and asset owners earn more revenue and increase ROI on an under-performing space
  • Assist existing coworking operators and shared office companies with real-time solutions to overcome performance barriers

We are passionate about what we do.

We work alongside every client, show them what’s possible, what’s tried, tested, and the results it has showcased. With our expertise, we help build an incredibly sustainable and financially successful coworking space business

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