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Consulting Solutions

Our coworking consultancy services include tailor-made programs and strategies to help you get started, optimize your coworking space business, and ensure to thrive. We help you get the most out of your coworking space business, and also provide the necessary information needed to fast track your vision. Our team helps build effective coworking space pricing model that boost ROI’s and open doors to long-term success.

We even assist landlords in making the most out of their under-utilized spaces. Our Space-as-a-Service strategy can help you generate upwards of 3 times the revenue of a standalone space. Our team of experts has a proven track record of creating unique strategies that will help you maximize the opportunity and returns.


Start a Coworking Business

In the past few years, Indian traditional offices have witnessed a dramatic shift towards more flexible, accessible, and affordable coworking spaces. This trend of starting a coworking business is sure to grow further, giving tough competition to conventional offices. However, a lot of hand-holding by industry experts is required to initiate a coworking business. 

So, begin your shared workspace journey with us to know the untapped global industry insights, knowledge, and expertise. Not only that, but we also offer diverse programs and operational strategies to build you a business that is sustainable and profitable.

Monetize Under-utilized Real Estate

Do you have a building in your portfolio with underutilized space? Are your tenants looking for additional resources & amenities in your building?
By implementing a tailored Space-as-a-Service strategy we can help you generate upwards of 3 times the revenue of a stand-alone tenant.


Drive Revenue to an existing Operation.

Owning a flex space does not equal success, and there could be many reasons why your real estate is underperforming. Our extensive involvement and decades of operational experience can help identify the gaps in your coworking space business. Accordingly, our experts can implement the right strategy to make your coworking space business a success.

From branding to sales, reviewing to marketing, and training to operational assistance, Propques coworking consultancy offers complete assistance to you and your team. In short, our coworking strategists take care of everything necessary to create a productive work environment that’s scalable and profitable.

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Packages & Pricing

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